Cement Blocks

A pozzolan is a siliceous and aluminous material which possesses little or no cementitious value but which will, in finely divided form and in the presence of water, react chemically with calcium hydroxide at ordinary temperature to form compounds possessing cementitious properties. The broad definition of a pozzolan imparts no bearing on the origin of the material, only on its capability of reacting with calcium hydroxide and water. A quantification of this capability is comprised in the term pozzolanic activity. Pozzolana is naturally-occurring pozzolans of volcanic origin.

– Light weight

›- Strong block

›- Better insulation for Heat & Sound

›- Improves concrete strength & durability

– The porosity of the Pozzolan ensures a height thermal

›- Insulation & acoustic insulation

– Light weight blocks, approximately 50% less weight than concrete blocks

– Guarantee a light weight of all the blocks, especially in cantilever structures areas. 

– Durability due to Soleplate Resistance: The Pozzolan blocks are ideal for any marine or infrastructure construction

›- Provide excellent bonding with the plaster on rough surface

›- Uniformity of the material: prevent future phenomena of any disconnect between plaster & block

›-High fire rating of these blocks make it ideal for high rise building

– Provide premium quality of block and assure a continuity of production & delivery

›- The blocks are approved and tested from several consultants and engineering companies

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